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Before the Old Naval Hospital

Circular dated November 5, 1830

Circular dated November 5, 1830, providing direction to Pursers regarding the act establishing Navy Hospitals


Navy Department

November 5, 1830

In order to Secure to the Hospital Fund the benefit intended by the 5th Section of the act of Congress entitled “an act establishing Navy Hospitals” approved on the 24 February 1811, You will direct the Purser of the Station under your command, to make out Separate quarterly payrolls, commencing on the 1st of October last, for all those who shall be admitted into the Hospital, crediting each person with all the rations to which they are entitled by law and charging them in the column of “Amount checked on account of pay” – and when an officer not attached to your Station and not borne on the Pursers Books, is admitted into the Hospital, immediately to notify the 4th Auditor in order that the ration may be deducted when payments are made at his office, and also to appraise the auditor when such officer is discharged from the Hospital.


Samuel L. Poulhard


Hospital Administration

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