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Benjamin Drummond - The First Patient

1872 Brief of Claim for Pension

Copy of the 1872 "Brief of Claim" for a pension based on his "Wound of the left leg in an engagement with 2 rebel cutter boats, January 21, 1863" during the Civil War. This is a digital copy of the original record held by the National Archives.

Copy of the 1872 Brief of Claim for a pension based on his wound during the WAR OF 1861


WAR OF 1861

ACT JULY 14, 1862

Brief of Claim to Original INVALID PENSION

In the case of Benjamin H Drummond, an Ordinary

Seaman U.S.S. Morning Light



Enlisted November 4, 1861. Discharged November 11, 1864.

Served afterward from December 6, 1864, to March 23, 1868

In U.S. Navy

Declaration and identification in due form, filed July 16, 1872

ALLEGES DISABILITY FROM Wound of the left leg,

In an engagement with 2 rebel cutter

Boats January 21, 1863, while attached

To the Morning Light. Filed July 16, ‘72

Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting

States “enlisted at New Bedford, Mass.

Nov. 4, 1861, as O’Seaman for three

Years, Reenlisted Dec. 6, 1864, as O’

Seaman for three years. Filed Aug. 17, ‘72

It appears from Certificates of Discharge

That he was discharged, Nov. 11, 1864,

And March 23, 1868.

Report of Medical Survey, U.S. Naval

Hospital, Washington D.C. March 17, 1868,

States “Gunshot wound of left leg. In

The line of duty, as will appear from

Ticket of admission as follows:

Admitted June 27, 1866, from Annapolis,

With gun shot wound of left leg,

Received at the capture of the Morning

Light, Jany. 1863, off the coast of Texas.

Injury was received in line of duty. File June 26, 6(?)

Admitted August 19, 1872, to a pension of $4 per month.

From July 16, 1876

Disability Disabled from Gun shot wound

of left leg

E. B. Jackson

Philadelphia, Pa

J.W. Dalton, Ex’r.

Fee $20

per contract.

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