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USS Morning Light - Reports of Capture

Report dated January 29, 1863, by Rear-Admiral Farragut, relating to the capture of the USS Morning Light on January 12, 1863, by Confederate "Cotton Clads" off of Sabine Pass, Texas. This report is in Volume 19 of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion.

Report dated January 29, 1863, by Rear-Admiral Farragut, U.S. Navy, regarding the capture by Confederate steamers of U.S. ship Morning Light and U.S. schooner Velocity, off Sabine Pass, January 21, 1863.

(This report iscontinued from page 553) I am pleased to see by Commodore Bell's report that the Harriet Lane is still in Galveston Harbor, although they have tried to impress us with the idea that she had run out during the last gale, which is now known not to be the case.

I beg to call the attention of the Department to the fact that they are placing all their guns on the channel fronts to prevent the entrance of our vessels. It will be a fine opportunity, therefore, for a land force to attack on the outside, by which they will be taken in the rear and their retreat cut off.

All of which is respectfully submitted by,

Your obedient servant,

D.G. Farragut,


Hon. Gideon Welles,

Secretary of the Navy.

P.S. - I have just learned that the Morning Light was captured in a dead calm, by the steamers coming up astern of her.

D.G. Farragut,


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