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Letter of Ammi B. Young

March 28, 1866

Letter of Ammi B. Young, March 28, 1866

? tax of 26.62

Navy Department, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, December 31, 1864

To Ammi B. Young Dr.


To services performed as Superintendent of the construction of the U.S. Naval Hospital at Washington D.C. from October 14, 1864 the date of my appointment up to and including this date - 5 percent on the amount ($10,650.72), of disbursements during that period of time.




I certify that the above enumerated services have been performed, that they were necessary for, and have been applied to the construction of the Naval Hospital; that the price paid is just and reasonable, and the one agreed upon.

Ammi B. Young


Approved January ?, 1865, for five hundred thirty two

Dollars and fifty-four cents, appropriation for the Naval Hospital, Washington D.C.

W. Whelan

Chief of Bureau

Washington D.C. January 31st, 1865

Received from S.P. Baron, Navy Agent, the sum of

Five hundred and five dollars, ninty-five cents in full of the above account


Ammi B. Young

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