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Monthly Report of the Superintendant of Construction

January 2, 1865

Monthly Report of the Supeintendent of Construction, January 2, 1865, Page 1 of 4

Naval Hospital

Washington, D.C. January 2nd 1865

Dr. William Whelan

Chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Navy Department


I have the honor to make my report of operations on the Washington Naval Hospital building for the month of December, 1864, as follows.

The excavations for the building was completed by Mr. Peter Mack on the 9th instant and his bill for $720.02 and made out and certified to -

Before the brick foundations of the building could be commenced a snow storm came on and ending in a severe frost preventing for the time being anything being done on the present state it is probable that nothing can now be done on the brick work before March 1st, 1865. and after the reciept of a few more brick I intend to suspend work at the site until the weather will permit the laying of brick.

On the 9th instant J.W. Thompson and Co had finished laying the drain and water pipes outside the site, and

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