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Monthly Report of the Superintendent of Construction

Letter dated April 1, 1865 - Report for March, 1865

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Report for March, 1865


Weather too bad in early part of month to lay brick, but a worker was screening sand for mortar in preparation.

On the 15th Carles Eslin engaged to dry trenchs for ?, he began on the 17th.

There being no Potomac lime on hand, I purchased 100 barrels of Eastern lime of SD Castleman.

On the 20th, Kinsley and Clarkson commenced laying brick work of the building "and since then whenever the weather has been favorable they have had a full force of men on the work on hand have laid into the foundations and walls considerably over 100,000 of brick."

"The brickwork of the south front and west end of the building is up to the proper height to receive the flooring of the entrance story, while all the other walls but one are very far advanced towards that level."

Some settlement has been taken place due to an old dry well ? a former ice house on the site.

G.H. Plant has delivered 42 barrels of hydralic cement and N. Acker 18 barrels of Potomac lime.

Edmondson has made the outside door frames of the basement story, the outside door and window frames of the entrance and second stories and has had a moderate force of work on the framing of the floors at the site.

In final ? of working drawings, it was deemed necessary to install wroght iron beams ? the basement and entrance stories to sustain the walls above.

Mr. Acker has been cutting the door and window sills and caps of the entrance stories.

All going favorably.

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