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Monthly Report of the Superintendent of Construction

Letter dated May 1, 1865 - Report for April, 1865

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Report for April, 1865


Fair progress being made. For 2 weeks due to rain, no brick laid into the walls - the first flooring has been put on and about 3/5 of the walls of the entrance story are now up and all of the windows and door frames set in place and all progressing.

G.H. Plant delivered 90,000 brick during the month on his Navy Yard contract.

Edmondson has had a full force at work and is ahead of the brickwork.

Mr. Ackers has delivered 72 barrels of sand, also the free stone cap sills of the doors and windows of the entrance story and the rest is in progress.

? of heating apparatus delivered N. ? Hayward, Bartlett, and Co.

Had to employ a private watchman to protect the premises "from a large number of unruly boys who then infest the premises." But, the watchman couldn't remedy the situation given the number and character, so the police have been informed "to abate this nuisence."

All else going favorably as weather permits.

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