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Monthly Report of the Superintendent of Construction

Report for July, 1865

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Report for July to Dr. P.J. Horowitz, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Brickwork of the exterior of the building nearly complete the excavation for the foundations of the area walls, piers, etc., supporting the south portico, steps, etc. in progress and nearly completed.

The carpenter has put in place all the framing of the floors, roof, etc. He has nearly completed the outside woodwork, has laid most of the floors in 1st and 2nd stories and attic and is now preparing for the plasterer.

Gas fitters and plumber working.

Charles Siouissa (reputed to be the best plasterer here) engaged to plaster the entire building at 45 cents per square yard. (His was lowest bid, too). “He is now collecting materials for the work, making his mortar and doing the lathing, etc.”

The felting, tinning and slating of the roof is progressing…and the whole of the building will very soon be effectively covered in from the weather.

(Report includes list of bills certified and paid.)

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