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Monthly Report of the Superintendent of Construction

Report for August, 1865

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Report for August 1865 from A.B. Young to Dr. J.P. Horowitz


The brickwork of the exterior has been completed .. to excavations for the foundations of the area walls have been dug as far as possible and their foundations put in, and good progress made in laying the brick pavement to receive the floors in the basement story.

The carpenters, gas fitters and plumbers work are all in a forward state and the tinning and slating of the main work have been completed.

The plastering of the upper story is nearly done, the entrance story done, and the basement is in a forward state.

Hayward and Bartletts and Co. have begun putting in the heating apparatus.

“Per direction of the Bureau I had advertised and sold at auction all the materials in the old building which could not be used in the construction of the new one, but from causes beyond my control, and much to my disappointment, the proceeds did not amount to the expenses of advertising and sale; yet the portion of the materials reserved and which are now being put into the new building, will after paying all expenses of sale, etc., be equal in value to from $400 to $500.

(Includes list of approved bills.)

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