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Monthly Report of the Superintendent of Construction

For November, 1865(Dated December 19, 1866)

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Bad weather but good progress made despite that G.H. Plant has continued the delivery of brick at Navy Yard prices ? 12,500, plus sand.

Peter Mack is nearly complete with excavation necessary for laying foundations.

Mr. Acker has all the stone work ready.

Nicholas ? J.W. Thompson and Co. has laid down the cast iron service water pipe from the government water main running through 8th St E at its intersection with E. Street South along the East to within a few feet of where the building is to be built.

Now engaged in laying down the clay drain pipe. Determined taht it could not be connected with the drain from the Commandant's House as specificed, but must be extended down 9th Street to I Street and there enter the brick sewer from thence to the river. This will involve considerable additional cost not included in the original estimate.

Purchased lumber for the second floors from Mr. Joseph Libbey of Georgetown and Nicholas Church and Howard of this city.

Purchased window frames from Charles Edmondson for the basement..."They are very a superior article, furnished at a reasonable price.

(NOTE: Also on page 79, Vol. 2, there is an estimate for needed funds for Nov. and Dec.)

December 19, 1864, dated and signed by AB Young

Estimated bills include $533.58 for his services (five percent of $10,671.61)

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