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Old Naval Hospital - Property History

Federal Owned Real Estate Under the Control of the Navy Department (1937)

Page 80 from the book Federal Owned Real Estate Under the Control of the Navy Department (1937)

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Aforesaid shall constitute a fund for Navy hospitals.” (See also pars. 2 and 3 below.)

Title — 1. Deed from Buller Cocke and Edmund Law, trustees for Lewis Deblois, dated June 4, 1821, recorded in liber W. B. no. 3, folios 26 and 27, land records “Washington County, D. of C.” conveying “all those lots, pieces, or parcels of grounds lying and being in the city of Washington and District of Columbia and known and designated in the plan of said city as lots numbered 1 and 2 in square number 948.”

2. In a report concerning the status of real estate held for naval purposes within the District of Columbia by Commodore Tingey to Secretary of Navy Southard, dated November 12, 1824, it is stated that the above property deeded by Cocke and Law, trustees to the United States “was the property of Lewis Deblois, a purser of the United States, and solely owned by him a the time of his insolvency (in May 1814) principally occasioned by the pecuniary delinquency to the Navy Department * * * this property was then or about that time received by the Department in consideration as a part of this debt, at a value of $3,000”, etc.

3. Deed from Henry Bradley and wife, dated March 30, 1865, recorded liber E. C. E. no. 19, folio 429, consideration $4,1819.50, conveying “all those certain pieces or parcels situated, lying, and being in the city of Washington, D. C., and known and described as * * * lots numbered 3 and 4 in square numbered 948.” This property acquired by authority of act approved March 2, 1865 (13 Stat. 467) authorizing Secretary of Navy to purchase balance of square no. 948 “upon which naval hospital is now in course of construction.”

Lease. — By special authority of act of Congress, approved June 7, 1926 (44 Stat. 702), this property was leased for a 15-year period ending June 30, 1942, to “Board of Management of the Temporary Home for Union ex-Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, Department of the Potomac.” Date of lease July 1, 1927. Consideration $1 a year.

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