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Restoration of the Old Naval Hospital

Update - December 5, 2005

Construction Work Continues On the South Facade

Today the subcontractor representative, the field project manager for the architect and the site foreman met to discuss progress.

Good progress is being made on the window removal and the early restoration work on the paint for the exterior window frames. About half of the first and second story windows have been removed to the interior worksite for restoration.

Work on the basement casement windows has begun with a few having already being removed and work beginning on the frames.

Some work has begun on the first floor door surround, removing the paint.

Some difficulty has been encountered in the paint analysis. The existing paint on the windows is so deteriorated that the scientist is unable to do an analysis. They are attempting to obtain a better sample from the north facade in the hopes that there the paint will not be so deteriorated. The asked if the Friends had any substantive information on the colors. We do not.

No work has been started on the south portico. The contractor has not selected a subcontractor for that work as yet. As part of that work, the entire portico will probably be dismantled and taken to an interior restoration site–the metal work (mostly the stairs) will also be carefully be dismantled as part of this work, restored and where necessary, refabricated.. Only when all the upper works is dismantled, will the foundation (underlay) of the stairs be restored–it is in very bad shape.

Hopefully in the near future we will have photographs to post, which will be taken as part of our oversight and review.

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