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USS Morning Light - Reports of Capture

Abstract of the log (starting on the lower half of this page) of the U. S. S. Tennessee , Acting Master Childs, U.S. Navy, Commanding (Page 1 of 3). This report is in Volume 19 of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion.

Abstract of the log of the U. S. S. Tennessee, Acting Master Childs, U. S. Navy, Commanding

Abstract of the log of the U. S. S. Tennessee, Acting Master Childs, U. S. Navy, commanding

January 20, 1863. – New Orleans, coaling. Acting Master Partridge reported for passage to Galveston. Acting Master J. D. Childs put in command of this ship and Commander Johnson detached.

January 21. – At 10:30 a. m. H. B. M. S. Rinaldo got underway and steamed down the river. At the same time we received orders to proceed to Galveston with all dispatch. At 11:20 passed the flagship and proceeded down the river. At 1:30 p. m. passed the H. B. M. S. Rinaldo at anchor in the river about 5 miles below English turn. At 3 p. m. met the U. S. mail steamer Roanoke, bound up river. At 6:10 took pilot on board; crossed the bar and discharged the pilot at 6:40. At 7 steered our course W. S. W. W.

January 22. – Sabine Pass. At 4 p. m. land reported on starboard bow. At 5:50 a sail reported right ahead at anchor. At 7:15 spoke the ship Morning Light, a prize to the rebels. Kept away for Galveston. At 7:30 steered south. Steered south 15 miles, and at 9 p. m. kept W. by S. S. Sounded every half hour in from 7 to 9 fathoms.

January 23. – Off Galveston. At 1:30 a. m. made a light bearing W. N. W. At 1:45 spoke gunboat Sciota. At 2 spoke gunboat Owasco. At 2:15 sighted the Brooklyn and came to anchor in 7 fathoms of water with 20 fathoms chain on port anchor. At 2:20 Captain Childs went on board the Brooklyn. At 3 Captain Childs (this is report continued on page 563).

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