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Monthly Report of the Superintendant of Construction

November 1, 1864

Monthly Report of the Superintendent of Construction, November 1, 1864, Page 1 of 3


Naval Hospital

Washington, D.C. Nov 1st 1864

Dr. W Whelan

Chief of Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Navy Department


I have the honor to make this my first monthly report of my doings as Superintendent of the construction of the Naval Hospital Building now erecting in this City.

Upon the receipt of my appointment Oct. 14th, 1864, I immediately entered upon the discharge of its duties and up to this date have accomplished all that the nature of the case would admit-

To wit -

I have had the site surveyed by the City Surveyor - the grade of the adjoining side walks ascertained and given - the building lines necessary to guide in the excavations accurately determined upon and laid down, and their grade given -

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