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Monthly Report of the Superintendent of Construction

June 1, 1865

Monthly Report of the Superintendent of Construction, June 1, 1865, Page 1 of 2

RG 52 entry 1 Box 41 Vol 1


Naval Hospital

Washington D.C. June 1st 1865,

Dr William Whelan

Chief of Bureau of Medicine

and Surgery Navy Department,


I have the honor to make my report of operations on the Washington D.C. Naval Hospital building for the month of May 1865, as follows, vis,

That notwithstanding the large amount of rainy weather, adverse to laying brick during the month, good and satisfactory progress has been made in that branch of the work as well as in the other branches of the work.

The second story flooring has been put on and leveled up and full two-thirds of the second story are up to the bottom of the entablature, and the rest of the exterior walls and all the interior brick walls of this story are up several feet above the second story flooring.

Mr. N. Acker has delivered all the free stone work for the first, second and attic stories, and also 104 barrels of lime and 100 loads of san on his Navy Yard contract.

Mr. Charles Edmonson has delivered 32.839 feet of lumber, at an aggregate cost of $1711.80 and has performed a large amount of

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