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Ammi B. Young

Supervising Architect of the Treasury and his 1858 Alexandria Post Office and Customhouse

Published in the Summer 1994 issue of the The Alexandria Chronicle, by the Alexandria Historical Society, Inc.

Ammi B. Young, Supervising Architect of the Treasury and his 1858 Alexandria Post Office and Customhouse, page 10 of 16

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Postal Service, at 1215 31st Street N.W., near M. Street. It is still owned and operated by the U. S. Postal Service on a limited basis, although its condition has deteriorated. USPS has no money to restore it, though the current director of the station, John Litner, would like to get local private groups interested in a project to raise money for restoration.

Young's buildings were rarely demolished due to age or deterioration, but because of changing styles, insufficient size or different utilization needs. As customhouses and courthouses outgrew their facilities, the buildings were either left to one tenant or all functions were moved to larger quarters. At first, older buildings were destroyed, as in the case of Alexandria, if not put to other use-- especially if they were in the way of a needed parking lot, a highway, or other urban development. With the passage of the Historic Preservation Act of 196t3, awareness of structures grew until many have become part of historic districts or registered in their own right. Though this does not automatically prevent their demolition or extensive alteration, more effort is put forth to find other uses for them, and often with much attendant publicity.

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