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Act of Congress Authorizing Construction of the Old Naval Hospital

Signed by President Abraham Lincoln on March 14, 1864

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office was closed, one thousand six hundred and sixty-eight dollars and forty-eight cents.

For compensation of the surveyor-general of Arizona, and the cl;erks in his office, four thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.

Department of Agriculture

To supply deficiencies in the Department of Agruiculture for the current year, as follows: -

For the purchase of sorghum seed, two thousand dollars.

For rebuilding shop in the propagating garden, eight hundred dollars.

For postage, thirteen hundred and twenty dollars.

For carpets, furniture, and cans for fruit, three hundred and fifty dollars.

For fuel, three hundred dollars.

War Department

Clerks, and etc.

For supplying a deficiency in the appropriations for the payment of the clerks, messagers, copyists, and laborers in the office of the quartermaster-general, one hundred and fifty-six thousand six hundred and fifty-one dollars and sixty-six cents.

Additional Assistant Secretary

For salary of an additional assistant secretary of war, fifteen hundred dollars.

Arms, ordnance, and ordnance stores.

To supply a deficiency in the appropriation for the purchase and manufacture of arms for volunteers and regulars, ordnance and ordnance stores, seven million seven hundred thousand dollars.

Surgeon-general's department

To supply a deficiency in the appropriation for the surgeon-general's department, to wit: -

Instruments and dressings

For medical instruments and dressings, one million three hundred thousand dollars.

Hosptial stores, and etc.

For hospital stores, bedding, etc., one million two hundred thousand dollars.

For hospital furniture and field equipments, three hundred thousand dollars.

Books, and etc.

For books, stationary, and printing, thirty-six thousand dollars.

For ice, fruits, and other comforts, one hundred thousand dollars.

For hospital clothing, forty thousand dollars.

For citizen-nurses, thirty-eight thousand dollars.

For sick soldiers in private hospitals, seventeen thousand dollars.

Artifical limbs.

For artificial limbs for soldiers and seamen, sixteen thousand dollars.


For citizen-physicians and medicines furnished by them, one hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars.

For hire of clerks and laborers in purveying depots, twenty-five thousand dollars.

For contingent expenses of the medical department, five thousand dollars.


For medicines and medical attendance for negro refugees, commonly called "contrabands," thirty-three thousand dollars.

Subsistance Department

To suppply a deficiency in the appropriation for the subsistence of the army, to with: -

For volunteers and drafted men, five million eight hundred and twenty-four thousand dollars.

For employees, six hundred [and] forty thousand six hundred and forty dollars.

For women, two hundred [and] eighteen thousand and our hundred dollars.

Engineer department

To supply a deficiency in the appropriation for the engineer department: -


For contingencies of fortifications, including field-works, five hundred thousand dollars.

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