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Act of Congress Authorizing Construction of the Old Naval Hospital

Signed by President Abraham Lincoln on March 14, 1864

Act of Congress Authorizing Construction of the Washington Naval Hospital, Page 7 of 7

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In the commissary-general's office, ten clerks of class two, and thirty of class one.

Chief of ordnance.

In the office of the chief of ordnance, two clerks of class four, seven of class three, eleven of class two, seventy-four of class one, and nine laborers at an annual salary of six hundred dollars each.

Chief engineer

In the office of the chief engineer, one clerk of class four, and one of class two.


And the several clerks and employees authorized by this section shall be appointed by the heads of the departments to which they are severally attached, and the amount necessary to pay their salaries from the time of their appointment (Appropriation for salaries.) to the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, is hereby appropriated therefor; and the heads of the said (Females may be employed) several departments are hereby authorized to employ females instead of any of the clerks hereinbefore designated, at an annual compensation not exceeding six hundred dollars per year, whenever, in their opinion, the same can be done consistently with the interests of the public service:

This to include former temporary clerks.

Provided, however, That the clerks hereby authorized in the Treasury Department and its bureaus shall not be in addition to the temporary clerks now employed therein, under former appropriations for that purpose, but shall include the same.

Limit of office of assistant register of treasury to one year repealed.

SEC. 7. And be it further enacted, That so much of the act entitled An act to provide for the appointment of an assistant register of the Treasury Department, and a solicitor for the War Department, and for other purposes (1863, ch. 44, Vol. xii. P. 656), approved February twentieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, as limits the office of the assistant register of the Treasury to a term of one year, is hereby repealed.

Approved March 14, 1864.

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