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Act of Congress Authorizing Construction of the Old Naval Hospital

Signed by President Abraham Lincoln on March 14, 1864

Act of Congress Authorizing Construction of the Washington Naval Hospital, Page 4 of 7

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For furniture, carpets, and miscellaneous items for the treasury building, twenty-five thousand dollars.

New York Custom-house and etc.

For the payment of claims due various parties for furniture and for the alterations in the offices of the assistant treasurer and collector of customs at New York, and for constructing burglar-proof vaults, eighty thousand dollars.

For completing the repairs of the government warehouse on Staton Island, ten thousand dollars.

Custom-houses, and etc.

For alterations of the custom-house at Cincinnati, Ohio, twenty-five thousand dollars.

For alterations of the custom-house at Louisville, Kentucky, fifteen thousand dollars.

For completion of the custom-house at Dubuque, Iowa, thirty thousand dollars.

For repairs and preservation of custom-houses, marine hospitals, and other public buildings, under teh supervision of hte treasury department, ten thousand dollars.

For furniture and repairs of furniture of the various public buildings, under the supervision of the treasury department, five thousand dollars.

Ephraim Swett.

For the payment of Ephraim Swett, for services as superintendent of the custom-house at Belfast, Maine, nine hundred and ninty-two dollars.

Patent-office building.

For erecting new furnaces in the basement of the east wing of the patent-office building, five thousand dollars.

Captiol extension

For the capitol extension, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

For the construction of water-closets in the basement of the south front of the patent-office building, two thousand dollars.

Post-office building:

For deficiency in the appropriation for keeping in repair and partially finishing and furnishing the post-office building, nine thousand one hundred and seventy-two dollars and ninty-nine cents.

In Philadelphia.

For the completion of hte post-office building in Philadelphia, twenty-five thousand dollars.

Damages from the Sious. 1863, ch. 37, Section 5, Vol. xii. p. 653

For deficiency in the appropriation for salaries and expenses of the commissioners appointed under teh fifth section, act of sixteenth February, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, three thousand five hundred dollars.

For deficiency to pay salary of one Indian agent, each, in Utah and Nevada Territory from third March, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, to the first July, eighteeen hundred and sixty-four, at five hundred dollars per annum, as increase pay, one thousand three hundred and thirty-three dollars and thirty-three cents.

Public printing, paper, and etc.

To supply deficiency in the appropriation for the public printing, one hundred and eleven dollars: Provided, That hereafter no printing or binding shall be done, or black books be procured for any of the executive departments of the government without a written requisition on the superintendent of public printing from the head of such department, or for either house of congress, except on the written order of the secretary of the Senate or clerk of the House of Representatives, for which said printing, binding, or black books may be required. And the said superintendent, in his annual report, shall hereafter be required to report the amount of work ordered and done, with a general classification thereof, for each department.

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