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Monthly Report of the Superintendant of Construction

October 2, 1865

Monthly Report of the Superintendent of Construction, October 2, 1865, Page 1 of 4

Naval Hospital Washington, D.C.

October 2nd 1865

Dr. P.J. Horwitz

Chief of the Bureau of Medicine

and Surgery, Navy Department


I have the honor to make my report of operations on this Naval Hospital building for the month of September 1865,, as follows. vis.

That all of the several works thereon have been carried on promptly and most faborably during the month, - That almost all of the brick work, which at present must be done, is nearly completed, - That the entire plastering (except the white coat of the basement story) is finished.

That the plumbers work and gasfitting is nearly completed

On the 9th instant J.W. Thompson and Co had finished laying the drain and water pipes outside the site, and the carpenters work is in a forward state, while the heating apparatus is far advanced and shortly will be in working order.

During the month, ? H. Plant has delivered about 46,000 of brick, Mr. F. Childrifs about 65 loads of sand, and Mr. N. Aker 72 barrels of cement.

The materials from the old building reserved from public sale, have all been worked into the new building taking the place of new material, whose cost would be equal to $700.00 after paying all expenses incident to selling the unreserved materials, and taking down and preparing the rest for use.

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