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Roster of Commanding Officers

Naval Hospital, Washington, D.C.

Roster of Commanding Officers of the Naval Hospital, Washington, DC, Page 2

Material consulted:

Naval Registers, Orders to Medical Officers, Letters of the Naval Commissioners, Letters of the Secretary of the Navy, Officer letter file Navy Department, many letters were read, notes taken, the earlier records are not complete, seldom arranged by subject and not all indexed. The earlier registers are not always accurate and while the data could not be depended on, they act as a guide for names and dates. The dates of duty for officers of the Naval Medical School Hospital and the Naval Hospital at Pennsylvania Ave. and 10th, St. S.E. from dates of commission to 1912 are from “B” slips BU.NAV. From Gatewood 1912, until present date supplied by personnel section Bu.M S.

The records for the early history have been rechecked several times . An effort was made to make this history as complete as possible with the sometime meager materia1 at hand.

(Handwritten Note) “These historical notes and dates of service and Commanding Medical Offices was compiled by Captain H.W. Smith M.D., U.S. Navy, and Chief Pharmacist H.G. Danilson, U.S. Navy.

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