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Roster of Commanding Officers

Naval Hospital, Washington, D.C.

Roster of Commanding Officers of the Naval Hospital, Washington, DC, Page 4

June, 1861, the Secretary of the Interior set aside for Navy use, several wards, in what was later known as the Government Hospital for the Insane. These wards were used until Oct.1,1866.

A Naval Hospital located at Penna. Ave. and 10th. St. S.E. was built on land, 3/4 acres, part acquired in 1821 and the rest in 1865. The cost of this site was $7,819.50. This hospital was completed and placed in commission Oct. 1, 1866, at a cost of $115,000.

The present Naval Hospital Washington formerly known as the Naval Medical School Hospital was appropriated for by the Act of March 3, 1903, and the Deficiency Act of March 3, 1905. The first appropriation was not sufficient to cover the plans drawn. Some changes and modifications with an additional $60,000 were necessary. It was completed and placed in commission Oct. 1906.

For some time both the Naval Medical School Hospital and also the Naval Hospital at Penna. Ave. and 10th ST. S.E. were in commission. In February 1911, the old hospital was discontinued for the care of the sick. The Naval Medical School Hospital now became the Naval Hospital Washington, D.C.

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